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unapologetically  analog

   While we do embrace many attributes that new technologies bring to the building game, we remain well rooted in tradition. Plans are mainly drawn on a drafting table with pencil and pen, timber and cabinet joinery is roughed out with machinery, then finished by hand with chisels and planes, and our design process is extremely organic. Many of the homes built over the years have come out of the ground with simple floor plans and basic elevations. Then as the home takes shape design choices that were once fluid begin to firm up. We predominantly build timber framed structures which have the unique ability to provide for an evolving design/build process. 

   Straw bale, light straw clay, mortise and tenon, sustainable, carbon neutral, wood, stone, steel... these are some of the many key words that describe our pursuits. We steer clear of plastic, foam, and vinyl (except the type pictured) where possible. There are no absolutes, just aspirations. We try hard to build guided by our intellect and conscience using natural materials.

   As part of the design process we spend time getting to know more about the lifestyle and aesthetics of our clients. How a building is going to be lived in, what types of needs it will provide for, and how it "presents itself to the eye"are some of the questions we ask in the initial phase. We also spend time at the site itself in order to better understand the topography and environment that will surround the building. We like to determine features to be showcased and understand challenges that might present themselves.

   Embarking on a design/build venture is both exciting and at times intimidating... we use sincerity, integrity, knowledge, and a liberal dose of humor to make the venture as comfortable for our clients as possible. If a new project is in your future give us a call. Let's discuss it over a cup of coffee.

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